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Fast Facts

  • Blanq Business Advisors, established in 2010, has over a decade of experience in the business advisory industry.
  • The company operates out of a 27,000 square foot building, situated on a 1.73-acre lot.
  • Blanq Business Advisors has a strong track record in real estate, with over $12,500,000 in multi-family transactions closed within a six-month period.
  • Patty, a key member of the team, brought her expertise from National Restaurant Properties when she joined Blanq Business Advisors in 2021.

In-depth review of Blanq Business Advisors

Blanq Business Advisors, nestled in the bustling city of Charlotte, is a business brokerage firm that provides a wide array of services for both buyers and sellers. Their unique capability to manage both real estate and business transactions, due to their association with the respected Blanq Real Estate team and eXp Commercial, differentiates them from other firms. This unique edge enables them to offer a comprehensive approach to their clients, ensuring every facet of their business sale or acquisition is expertly handled.

The team at Blanq Business Advisors is highly skilled, boasting a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. Their proficiency allows them to smoothly navigate the intricacies of business transactions, ensuring deals are finalized in a way that optimizes the financial outcome for their clients. They recognize that selling a business is a process that demands meticulous planning and execution, not just a single event. This understanding is mirrored in their method, which is marked by a keen eye for detail and a dedication to achieving the desired results.

Blanq Business Advisors has effectively facilitated a multitude of transactions across a variety of industries, demonstrating their flexibility and adaptability. Regardless of the type of business, be it an auto restoration shop or a catering business, they have demonstrated their ability to steer buyers and sellers towards successful conclusions. Their accomplishment of completing over a million dollars worth of custom projects in the auto restoration industry this year alone is a clear indication of their efficacy.

The team at Blanq Business Advisors is proud of their innovative approach and business acumen, which has enabled them to establish a strong brand and reputation in the industry. Their catering business, for example, has flourished for over a decade due to their unique concept and popular food. With minimal owner involvement in daily operations and a well-positioned team, this business offers an appealing opportunity for those looking to break into the catering industry.

Clifford Blanquicet Jr., the co-founder of Blanq Business Advisors and president of Blanq Real Estate, is a committed and dynamic broker who brings a wealth of experience to the table. His background in sales, auditing, commercial property management, and marketing has provided him with the skills necessary to thrive in the industry. Clifford's dedication to his clients is clear in his attentiveness, prompt responses, and readiness to exceed their expectations.

Josh Greenwald, a licensed North Carolina Business Broker and Commercial Real Estate Broker with Blanq Business Advisors, is recognized for his attentiveness, organization, and dedication to finalizing deals. With a background in B2C sales and sales leadership in the travel industry, Josh brings a unique perspective to his role. His expertise in multi-family brokerage further strengthens the firm's ability to serve a diverse range of clients.

Patty Dowdy, a seasoned business broker with over a decade of experience, joined Blanq Business Advisors in 2021. Her extensive background in assisting business owners with growth and exit plans makes her an invaluable member of the team. Patty's enthusiasm for her work is clear in her dedication to her clients' success. Outside of her professional life, she enjoys discovering new culinary experiences and spending quality time with loved ones.

In summary, Blanq Business Advisors provides a comprehensive range of services for buyers and sellers, supported by a highly skilled team and a unique capability to manage both real estate and business transactions. Their history of successful deals across various industries, along with their innovative approach and business acumen, make them a strong choice for those seeking assistance in navigating the intricacies of business transactions. With Clifford Blanquicet Jr., Josh Greenwald, and Patty Dowdy leading the way, clients can anticipate attentive, dedicated, and knowledgeable professionals who will go the extra mile to ensure their needs are fulfilled.

Products and Services

  • Business Brokerage Services: Blanq Business Advisors provides professional brokerage services to assist clients in buying or selling businesses. They guide clients through every step of the process, ensuring smooth transactions and optimal financial outcomes.
  • Real Estate Transactions: In association with Blanq Real Estate team and eXp Commercial, the company handles both real estate and business transactions. This provides a comprehensive solution for clients, covering all aspects of their business sale or acquisition.
  • Business Valuation: The team of experts at Blanq Business Advisors offers accurate business valuation services. This allows both buyers and sellers to make informed decisions based on the precise value of a business.
  • Financing Support: Blanq Business Advisors provides invaluable support to clients in securing the necessary funds for business acquisitions. Their wide network of financial partners and deep understanding of business financing makes them a reliable ally in the journey of securing capital.

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