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Fast Facts

  • Business Brokers of the Carolinas facilitated the sale of a variety of businesses, including an Accounting business in Mooresville, NC for $350k and an Auto Repair business in Charlotte, NC for $801k.
  • They have also handled the sale of properties such as a Commercial Property in Charlotte, NC for $695k and a 23-acre Residential/Commercial Property in the same city for $100k.
  • The company has experience in selling businesses with properties, such as an Auto Repair business with property in Cabarrus County, NC for $945k, and a Computer Repair and Service Business with property in Salisbury, NC for $249k.
  • They have successfully brokered the sale of a variety of retail establishments, including a Convenience Store in Albemarle, NC for $352k and a Retail Hobby Store in Charlotte, NC for $300k.

In-depth review of Business Brokers of the Carolinas

Business Brokers of the Carolinas, a renowned company specializing in the buying and selling of businesses, has earned a reputation for their steadfast dedication to the success of their clients. They offer a wide range of services, including business ownership and exit strategies, making them a dependable ally in the pursuit of entrepreneurial objectives.

A key highlight of Business Brokers of the Carolinas is their extensive portfolio of successfully sold businesses and properties. They have demonstrated their proficiency across a multitude of industries, including commercial properties, accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll businesses. Their successful sales also extend to auto repair shops, convenience stores, hardware stores, motels, and retail hobby stores, reflecting their ability to cater to a variety of business types.

Beyond commercial ventures, Business Brokers of the Carolinas has also shown exceptional performance in the area of residential investment properties. Their expertise includes the sale of houses, condos, and land, offering clients a comprehensive solution for their real estate needs. This wide-ranging experience highlights their ability to handle both commercial and residential transactions, providing assurance to potential clients.

Business Brokers of the Carolinas distinguishes themselves through their steadfast commitment to client satisfaction. They understand that each business or property sale is a deeply personal journey and strive to assist clients in achieving their unique goals. By providing customized services and individual attention, they ensure that clients receive the necessary support throughout the entire process.

Those considering the services of Business Brokers of the Carolinas can expect to be met with professionalism and expertise. The company's open invitation for inquiries further emphasizes their dedication to transparency and open communication. This approachability allows potential clients to gather the necessary information to make an informed decision about partnering with Business Brokers of the Carolinas.

In summary, Business Brokers of the Carolinas is a reputable and reliable partner for those looking to buy or sell businesses or properties. With a wide-ranging portfolio of successfully sold ventures and a dedication to client satisfaction, they have established themselves as a trusted resource in the industry. Their expertise covers various industries and property types, ensuring that clients receive customized solutions to meet their unique needs. By providing individual attention and maintaining open lines of communication, Business Brokers of the Carolinas distinguishes themselves as a partner dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals.

Products and Services

  • Business Sales: Business Brokers of the Carolinas assists business owners in selling their businesses. They manage the entire process, from valuing the business to finding potential buyers and finalizing the sale.
  • Business Acquisitions: The company also aids individuals and companies looking to buy businesses. They provide guidance throughout the acquisition process, including understanding business valuation and financing options.
  • Business Valuation: Business Brokers of the Carolinas offers thorough business valuation services to ascertain the value of a business. This helps sellers to have a realistic perception of their business's worth and aids buyers in making informed decisions.
  • Financing Options: The company provides assistance in securing loans for buyers interested in purchasing a business. They have extensive experience in handling the complexities of various financing arrangements.

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